We got our first Golden Creek dog, Grady in 2008, and he’s been the best dog we could have imagined. He’s actually more like a person than a dog:) Susan is kind and helpful, and the Golden Creek community is amazing. We love Grady so much that we decided to get another puppy from Golden Creek. We are the foster family for Amelia, who was born in 2018. These two keep us busy and happy, they are so full of love!

We had the most awesome Golden Retriever, Jake, for 13 years. The breeder had stopped breeding and recommended Golden Creek if we decided to get another Golden. A couple of visits to Golden Creek was all it took. It’s like a big family. They care so much about their dogs, long after they have gone to live with their new owners. So this is Cooper, born October 3, 2014.We love him to death, and admittedly are GCK snobs!

-Debbie Brown

We are all totally in love with Henry–the goofiest, majestic,and curious dog we have ever known.

Henry loves everyone especially children–though when we took him to a field with high school players practicing one summer evening he went on a mad dash–couldn’t stop (he’s fast, but not too agile) and wound up clipping 2 of the players and taking them down. Hilarious!!

He is also spoiled rotten–he gets at least a mile or two walk, everyday, no matter what the weather is like, and he loves his time to strut. He has his own toy basket that’s filled with stuffed animals that were either given to him or stolen from his 9 year old human brother. He also has his own Christmas Stocking with his initial on it.

Thank you Susan and Crawford for the wonderful addition to our family.

-Sam and Michelle Marsh

Maizie is such a love! She’s all “Golden”: smart, silly, rambunctious!! The Harb’s and Golden Creek have brought me so much joy.

-Sarah Corey