Golden Gals



Atalee is the daughter of Addison and Thor. She is hands down the sweetest and most lovable pup. Her sweet face and calm demeanor attracts attention everywhere we go. Atalee has a ton of energy and loves being outside, going on walks and taking rides in the car. Not only is she is amazing with children but gets along with cats and other dogs. She never meets a stranger. We are so truly blessed to have this sweet pup in our lives and can’t imagine life without her. Atalee is being fostered by the Divine family.


Becca loves to be where we are. She enjoys sticks and balls and playing outside. She’s getting better with her house training, and knows sit very well (although she some times gets so excited she doesn’t want to sit!) Everyone is really enjoying having her as a part of the family. 


Cassie is one of our youngest. She is the daughter of Angel and Sawyer. A smart and happy girl. Loves to cuddle and chase butterflies.


Faith is a sweet lady who love everyone and everyone loves her. She enjoys her long evening walks and cuddle time afterwards.


Jade is a vivacious, loving and loyal gal. With a look from her doe eyes, she will seal your heart. She loves going for walks, running and anywhere in the car. She enjoys chasing squirrels in the back yard or curling up by you on the couch. She’s very expressive and tells you what her feels are with just a sigh.


This future GCK mom is going to make beautiful puppies one day. She is super sweet, playful, smart, very outgoing and fun and her markings are so unique.  She loves running after flying leaves, bugs and squirrels and enjoys playing with her big sister Reagan and fighting for ice cubes.  Her coat is very shiny and very soft and she loves jumping in bed with us every morning to snuggle. She follows me everywhere and is starting to learn new commands.  We love Little Miss Josie.  She is just so beautiful and growing very fast! 


Kandy has quickly grown into a loved family member. This young golden is a beautiful combination of the golden and English cream. We call her our strawberry blond. She is definitely ‘Miss Congeniality’ making sure to greet everyone on her walks with sweet smiles and expected pets, well known by all the neighbors since she came to us.


Karoline is the daughter of Oliver and Karly. She is an energetic, loving dog who can always tell when something is wrong with you. She loves people and is always friendly to other dogs. She can be a little bit of a drama queen at times and that just makes her foster love her that much more. She resides with the Chavis Family in Raleigh.


Kora is the daughter of Melody and Thor (8/2020). She definitely takes after her Daddy in appearance and size. She spends her days playing with Melody, napping, eating, and having stare-downs with the squirrels. She is very independent but still loves her snuggle time. She can be very boisterous when she wants something. Kora is a very social girl, loves car rides, and being the center of attention.


Lana is the daughter of Lexi and Thor (9/19).  She is the sweetest pup!  She loves people but especially loves to be around children.  She and her big sister enjoy wrestling and playing tug-o-war.  Some of her favorite things to do is riding in the car, being outside, and snuggling. 


Lorelei is the daughter of Lacy Lu and Barkley. She is super sweet, incredibly smart and just a little bit sassy!! She absolutely loves her Golden brother and human brother too.

We are so happy to have her in our family. Lorelei is being fostered by the Plonski family of Morrisville, NC.

Margo Rita

Margo Rita is the daughter of Millie and Oliver. Like all Golden Creek Kennel Goldies, she is gorgeous but has a special and unique personality. Margo is the perfect mix of smart, sassy, playful, and sweet! She is a very social girl and loves to greet everyone while on “walkies” in the neighborhood. She is excellent with adults and children alike and has a sweet “purr” to let us know when she is happy. She loves her GCK sister and cousin and loves to join them in “zoomies” around the yard! Margo loves a good stick to chew on but is just as happy snuggling or being a quiet heartbeat at your feet while you work. This sweet girl shares unconditional love that soothes our human souls! She is a keeper and is going to make a great mom!


Meadow is the daughter of Ivy Rose and Tonka. She is such a sweet girl with a playful disposition. Meadow easily wins you over with her long eyelashes that accentuate her kind eyes. 

She is a natural around children and enjoys cuddling and playing with her family and with other dogs. 


Melody is the daughter of Lizzie and Oliver. She is so full of energy and loves to spend time outside in her yard. She can be a sassy girl and will speak her mind. Melody definitely catches everyone’s attention and is very social with our neighbors. She is not a cuddler, but will snuggle up when it is convenient for her. You forget how much love a puppy brings to your home and we absolutely love having Melody as part of our family.


Miranda is now 7 months old and she really enjoys playing with our other two dogs as well as entertaining our children. She loves to play chase outside and is getting good at getting tennis balls and bringing them for a game of fetch. She loves toys and loves special snacks of banana and carrots. She is super vocal and makes many gremlin sounds while getting her favorite treats.


Olive is the daughter of Dreamer and Oliver. She is a big fan of collecting sticks and her favorite activity is checking the mail for her BarkBox. We often find Olive sleeping on her back with a big smile on her face waiting for a tummy rub.


Parker is the daughter of Pippa and Barkley.  She is the sweetest girl and her personality is starting to shine.  She is so playful and is very vocal.  She loves water already and hasn’t backed down from mud.  She has mastered sit and shake!  Stay tuned for more updates on this sweet girl. 




Zoey she is a very fun, loving, and very energetic pup. She loves to greet everybody that she meets with hugs and kisses and tries to be their best friend. She is the most lovable dog I have ever had and she is the joy of my life. She loves to lay with you on the couch and has to be in the center of everybody’s attention 24/7.