Atticus brings in another new line to GCK. Atticus came to us from Bulgaria. Such a good boy who loves to share your couch with you. Atticus is being fostered by the Hemphill family.


Barkley is a true gentle giant. He is extremely calm and laid back. Despite his name, he never barks, except when he is at the kennel. He loves everyone he meets! Barkley is great with  kids and other dogs. He loves stuffed animals and snuggling with us on the bed. He looks serious, but is the sweetest dog we have ever had.


Bogart is the son of Annie and Barkley. He is curious and playful, but always up for a good snuggle with anyone who is willing. His favorite activities are playing basketball with his human friends and being a fluffy, golden pillow for kids. He loves being around people and seeing his GCK friends and siblings at Open House.Amelia is the daughter of Adora and Oliver. She was born 5/31/2018. She is a big cuddler, and she firmly believes she is a small lap dog:)


Boulder is a lovable goof. His parents are Beau and Amber. Boulder will be best friends with anyone who takes him on walks or to the dog park, plays tug of war, and gives him belly rubs. Your reward will be as many doggy kisses as you like. Boulder loves making friends with new people and new dogs wherever he goes. 

Cosmo Kramer

Cosmo Kramer is the son of Sawyer and Annabelle. Cosmo was a very small runt we decided to keep, because he was just the sweetest thing and he needed us. With some TLC he is growing into a very handsome fella.


Nash is the oh so handsome son of Laney and Noah .   His laid-back personality is as big as he is, at 80 lbs and 8 months!  He loves to play with his sister, Rylee Rose. He takes trips to Lowes and Home Depot where he begs people to pet him.  He loves the water and is still deciding if he likes to fetch or not. He is the best looking dog I have ever owned!


Noah is one of our youngest males. Noah brings in a new line here at Golden Creek. He loves to play fetch, and car rides. He is being fostered by Blair Williams.


Oliver came to us from Romania as a pup. Very smart and fun to be around. Loves kids and his cuddle time. He is being fostered by the Vita family.


Patton aka “The General” is a sweet boy.   He is eager to please and likes to play outside.   He is polite and loves attention and cuddles while being goofy at times.   Patton is very good with children and  protective of them.   We are working with Patton towards achieving a Canine Good Citizen classification.    He is being fostered by the DiNizo Family in Raleigh.  


Sawyer is our youngest male. He is the son of Solomon. Sawyer loves the outdoors and discovering anything new. His world is so big for such a little man, but he will someday grow into it. Sawyer is being fostered by the Hilburn family.


Thor is the son of Ivy Rose and Tonka.  He is a sweet, loving boy, full of life and happiness. He seems to always have a smile on his face. Thor has the cutest chubby legs and paws and his offspring seem to have that trait as well, they are so cute!  Thor gets along great with other dogs, children or really, just anyone!