Golden Gals



Adora is the sweetest pup in a neighborhood full of four legged friends. She’s always full of energy and never misses a moment to play. Even though she loves the indoors and comfort like her caretakers, outside is where this ball of joy really lets loose. She loves walks around the neighborhood and local park. She’ll walk with you through the heat of the day or the rain at night. Her personality melts your heart as no matter who you are you can’t pass her without a friendly smile.


Alley is the daughter of Barkley and Addison. I was born December 4th 2017.  I am loved by my foster family, the Huff family. When I’m not enjoying a nice nap, I love to spend time outside with my family, chasing balls, and chewing on my soup bones. I also enjoy play time with my two Yorkie siblings and my older Pomeranian sibling. One thing I look forward to on a monthly basis is opening my barkbox. I’m a sweet and loveable girl and can’t wait to be a mom someday. 


Amelia is the daughter of Adora and Oliver. She was born 5/31/2018. She is a big cuddler, and she firmly believes she is a small lap dog:) Amelia has a sweet and funny personality and we like to say that she “moos” (like a cow) when she wants to talk to us. She lives with our family which includes three young kids and a senior Golden Creek dog.



Atalee is the daughter of Addison and Thor. She is hands down the sweetest and most lovable pup. Her sweet face and calm demeanor attracts attention everywhere we go. Atalee has a ton of energy and loves being outside, going on walks and taking rides in the car. Not only is she is amazing with children but gets along with cats and other dogs. She never meets a stranger. We are so truly blessed to have this sweet pup in our lives and can’t imagine life without her. Atalee is being fostered by the Divine family.


Autumn is a gorgeous golden and everywhere we go people stop us and say the same. She was a great addition to our micro family. She’s super smart and she loves the water and playing fetch. She’s very social and is especially fond of little children. 


Becca loves to be where we are. She enjoys sticks and balls and playing outside. She’s getting better with her house training, and knows sit very well (although she some times gets so excited she doesn’t want to sit!) Everyone is really enjoying having her as a part of the family. 


Cassie is one of our youngest. She is the daughter of Angel and Sawyer. A smart and happy girl. Loves to cuddle and chase butterflies.


Clairabelle is a very inquisitive little girl with lots of personality. She is a confident and clever pup. Clairabelle enjoys exploring her new world and playing with all her new toys. She loves to interact with all the visitors who have come to meet her. We are so happy with our new Golden Girl and are just busting with love for her!


Daphne is the daughter of Diva and Oliver. She is smart in so many  ways. She is quite the little lady. Her beautiful eyes tell the story and her facial expressions will melt your heart.  She is settling in nicely with my 2 GCK pups and has already met all the neighbors.  Quite the little socialite. 

Day Dreamer

Day Dreamer is a charmer! She makes sure she is the center of attention but is adaptable and calm. She LOVES all people and other dog and is a great traveler! She loved the paddle boards, kayaks, and sailboat over the summer and we suspect she’ll love snow! She knows what she wants and when she wants it and will let us know 😊. We couldn’t love her any more!


Dazee is the daughter from Delaney and Tonka.  Curious and confident.


Ella Rose

Ella Rose daughter of Eva Rose and Thor is as sweet as she looks. She loves to play with other dogs and is wonderful with children.  She has lots of spunk, and loves tug of war….just when you think she is going to give up, she pounces and grabs the toy!


Faith is a sweet lady who love everyone and everyone loves her. She enjoys her long evening walks and cuddle time afterwards.


This future GCK mom is going to make beautiful puppies one day. She is super sweet, playful, smart, very outgoing and fun and her markings are so unique.  She loves running after flying leaves, bugs and squirrels and enjoys playing with her big sister Reagan and fighting for ice cubes.  Her coat is very shiny and very soft and she loves jumping in bed with us every morning to snuggle. She follows me everywhere and is starting to learn new commands.  We love Little Miss Josie.  She is just so beautiful and growing very fast! 



Kaydee is the daughter of Krystal and Thor. Kaydee is very sweet and her coat is so silky.  She loves to give kisses and snuggle.  She is very laid back, smart and obedient.  We got her for my thirteen year old daughter who is thrilled with her new friend.  She has bonded nicely with our two small dogs and cat. 




Lana is the daughter of Lexi and Thor (9/19).  She is the sweetest pup!  She loves people but especially loves to be around children.  She and her big sister enjoy wrestling and playing tug-o-war.  Some of her favorite things to do is riding in the car, being outside, and snuggling. 

Lilly Rose

Lilly Rose is an adventurous snuggle bug. Her parents are Lyza and Noah. Lilly Rose’s favorite thing to do is anything outdoors. She’s happy outside whether it’s hot, cold, muddy, or snowy. At night she’ll snuggle up next to you and stay there all evening. Lilly Rose loves meeting new people and new dogs wherever she goes.


Lorelei is the daughter of Lacy Lu and Barkley. She is super sweet, incredibly smart and just a little bit sassy!! She absolutely loves her Golden brother and human brother too.

We are so happy to have her in our family. Lorelei is being fostered by the Plonski family of Morrisville, NC.

Margo Rita


Meadow is the daughter of Ivy Rose and Tonka. She is such a sweet girl with a playful disposition. Meadow easily wins you over with her long eyelashes that accentuate her kind eyes. 

She is a natural around children and enjoys cuddling and playing with her family and with other dogs. 


Melody is the daughter of Lizzie and Oliver. She is so full of energy and loves to spend time outside in her yard. She can be a sassy girl and will speak her mind. Melody definitely catches everyone’s attention and is very social with our neighbors. She is not a cuddler, but will snuggle up when it is convenient for her. You forget how much love a puppy brings to your home and we absolutely love having Melody as part of our family.


Miranda is now 7 months old and she really enjoys playing with our other two dogs as well as entertaining our children. She loves to play chase outside and is getting good at getting tennis balls and bringing them for a game of fetch. She loves toys and loves special snacks of banana and carrots. She is super vocal and makes many gremlin sounds while getting her favorite treats.


Nala is the daughter of Chloe and Noah.  She is a happy girl who loves attention, playing with her ball, and going for runs. She draws attention everywhere she goes with her sweet smile and playful demeanor.  She is very smart and continues to learn new tricks every day!  She will be a great mommy one day!


Parker is the daughter of Pippa and Barkley.  She is the sweetest girl and her personality is starting to shine.  She is so playful and is very vocal.  She loves water already and hasn’t backed down from mud.  She has mastered sit and shake!  Stay tuned for more updates on this sweet girl. 




Pippa is a s sweet as she looks. She is the daughter of Pearl. At some point she will be replacing her mom when it is time for Pearl to retire.



Reagan is a sweet and energetic girl who loves the outdoors. Her favorite activities include morning walks, playing with her  “sister” Lefty Luci,  and helping her human mom pull and dispose of weeds. We are looking forward to teaching her to swim this summer.



Ryder is the daughter of River and Oliver.  She is a very playful and smart girl and she loves to snuggle.  She is very adventurous and loves to go on walks and to play soccer with her human brothers.  Ryder is great with children and loves to play with other dogs.

Rylee Rose

Rylee Rose is the daughter of  Rowan and Oliver. She is a beautiful and incredibly smart young lady who is happy to greet everyone she meets!  She has a vibrant personality and is a constant companion.  Rylee Rose loves to fetch, chew on sticks, and play with all of her K-9 cousins.   She is a great care-taker of her ‘brother’, Nash, and will be a wonderful mama!



Willow is the daughter of our Ivy Rose and Solomon.